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September 9, 2012
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Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.

Norway x Reader

               A large smirk appeared on your face. You had a playful glint in your (e/c) eyes. Everything was about to fall into place.
"I can't wait to see his reaction," you snickered to yourself.
"It'll be priceless!"
You wiggled your fingers above the keyboard, and clicked send.
"Now, I wait…heh-heh….." you put your fingers together, as an evil mastermind would.
"BWAHAHAHAHA-" your evil laughter was interrupted by your friend, who was at the moment, one of your victims. He probably wouldn't care that much, since he enjoyed pranking and trolling others with you.
"__________? I heard THAT laugh….what are you up to this time?" Mathias asked, while entering the room.
You turned dramatically in your swivel chair to face him. Your lips curled up in delight.
"Why don't you take a look?" you purred.
He walked over to your computer, and you pressed play. The YouTube video loaded up and started. The sound of, "Bad Touch," by Bloodhound Gang filled the room. As the video continued, Mathias's eyes widened. This continued until blood burst out of his nose, and onto the computer screen.
With this you cracked up.
"DICK! So…much…d-dick…." yelled Mathias, his head smashed on the floor.
"Awwww, it's just a video! Chill yo' nuts!"  He forced his head up, looked you in the eye, and proceeded to laugh his ass off.
"That was the funniest thing ever!!! D-don't tell me you sent that to anyone??!!?" he was clutching his stomach on the ground, practically dying.
"HELL YEAH, I sent it to someone. Wait….allow, me to correct myself. MORE LIKE, EVERYONE! Everyone shall receive this video! BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" you laughed, this time uninterrupted.
By this time, Mathias had stood up. He had recovered, for the MOST part.
"You know, Lukas is going to kill BOTH of us when he finds out," he said, still chuckling.
"What's he going to do?!" you hollered.
"Strangle me with a tie?! I'm not scared of him!" you and Mathias laughed.
"Maybe I am a little scared…"you thought to yourself, gulping.
-----Sweden and Finland's Reaction-----
Tino's face was red as a ripe tomato.
"Turn it off, Berwald!" he pleaded.
"I kn'w it a'l aln'g." said Berwald, his face as straight as a brick.
-----Axis's Reaction-----
Ludwig flipped his cell phone shut.
"VERDAMMT, __________!"
"What is it Ludwig?" Feliciano cooed.
"Nothing….where's Kiku?"
He was running around like a chicken without its head, holding some paper and a bundle of calligraphy pens.
"These people…." Ludwig face palmed.
-----France and England's Reaction-----
"Dammit Frog, why'd you stop!" Arthur cried while panting.
"Ohohohohohon, Angleterre, look at this!" said Francis.
He repositioned himself and handed Arthur his phone, while wiping off a bead of sweat.
"BLOODY HELL!" he screamed, tossing Francis's phone into a wall.
"MY CELL!" shrieked Francis.
"Shut-up, and get back to pumping!"  Arthur commanded.
"Fine," Francis pouted, thrusting down the lever of the tire pump.
"You owe me for this one! Crappy English cars…."
-----BACK TO YOU BABY-----
You and Mathias were still laughing from previous events.
"Look how mad he is!" you said, pointing to Ludwig's text message.
From: LUDDY<3
To: __________
Verdammt, __________! Why must you keep sending such things! DUE TO YOUR LACK OF DISCIPLINE, WE SHALL ADD 100 ADDITIONAL PUSH-UPS TO YOUR TRAINING TOMORROW!!!!
"Oh my gosh!" Mathias exclaimed, wiping a tear from his eye.
"This is pricele-"
Someone burst through your office door. It was Lukas. Holding a baseball bat….with nails in it...
"SHIT," you and Mathias said simultaneously.
Lukas jumped in the air and smashed the top of Mathias's head. This resulted in him falling face flat on the floor for the second time that day.
"That looked like it hurt…….." you thought.
"NO, WAIT, THAT LOOKED LIKE IT REALLY FUCKING HURT!!!" your mind screamed at you.
"__________," Lukas said, dropping his bat on the floor.
"Y-yes?!" you squeaked.
"You must be punished," he forged forward, tangling  his fingers in your (h/l) (h/c) hair.
Your heart started to beat faster. He was so damn close.
"H-how are you going to do that?" you stuttered, your face burning red.
"Let me show you~" he smirked, tilting his head to the side and licking your neck.
"……………RAPE!" you yelled.
Lukas picked you up in a way that forced you to wrap his legs around him.
"It's not rape if you enjoy it," he responded cheekily to your comment.
"OH DEAR GOD," was all you said before he began walking you to your bedroom.
-----Sealand's Reaction-----
"Mummy, Daddy!" Peter ran towards his parents, waving his phone in the air.
Tino and Berwald walked up from the couch, and over to their adoptive son.
"What are Uncle Mathias and Uncle Norway doing in this video?!" he asked, jumping up and down.
Tino screamed.
"How could ___________ send that video to a child?!!?!" he exclaimed.
Berwald sighed. He knew it was officially time for THE talk. He crouched down, and placed a firm hand on Peter's shoulder.
"S'n, do y'knw what s'x is?"
Tino's eyes widened.
"A little boy couldn't possibly know what sex is!" he thought, hiding his face in his hands.
"Of course I do Daddy! It's when two people….."
Peter continued to give a thorough explanation of the human reproductive system that could put a college professor to shame.
Here's the finished story :iconandromserkt: requested!
She asked for A NorwayxReader crack story, I hope it has enough crack for you! XD YOU HAVEN'T LIVED UNTIL YOU'VE HEARD BAD TOUCH BY BLOODHOUND GANG. [link]

Norway(Lukas), Denmark(Mathias), Sweden(Berwald), Finland(Tino), Germany(Ludwig), Italy(Feliciano), Japan(Kiku), France(Francis), England(Arthur), and Sealand(Peter), belong to Hidekaz Himaruya!

Writing belongs to me
You belong to Norway~ :iconnorwayrapefaceplz:

I don't think this needs a mature content, but if you ask, I'll add it.

EDIT: You guuuys. I haven't been my DA for a while but you all JUST MAKE MY DAY EVERYDAY. MMMF. <3
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