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September 4, 2012
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-----Language Warning-----

Canada x Male!Reader

"__________!" you heard a voice wake you from your nap.
"__________, dude! We're at lunch, wake-up!" you raised your head from your folded arms, and glared at the American with your deep (e/c) eyes.
"Damn it, Alfred! I was sleeping!" you yelled, smirking and giving him a playful punch on the shoulder.
He was an idiot, but he was one of your closest friends. Every day during lunch period, you would sit with him and his two other brothers: Arthur and Matthew.  You thought all of the three brothers were awesome, but one of them really caught your eye. Matthew Williams. He was extremely quiet, almost to the point of being invisible. Though, for some unexplainable reason, you couldn't HELP but notice him. His blonde wavy hair, the gentle violet eyes, he was adora-
"Wait!" you mentally slapped yourself.
"What the hell am I thinking….we're both guys….." you let out a low growl in your frustration.
"__-__________?" asked Matthew, who looked rather terrified of the animalistic noise that had escaped your lips.
"W-what?!" you said. You could feel the blush rising on your face, embarrassed at the fact that he had heard you make such a sound.
"Nothing!" he shrank back into his seat. You could practically see him turning invisible. It was sad.
The lunch period continued as usual. Alfred blurted nonsensical things about heroism and hamburgers, while Arthur proceeded to insult him with terms such as, "bloody git," and "fool." Your favorite by far was, "the diabetic fat man that you're destined to become." That would always crack you up. You tousled your short (h/c) hair, and snuck a peak at Matthew, who was looking at the floor and sulking. Another daily occurrence amongst your lunch group was Matthew asking a question, or attempting to contribute to a conversation; only to be overlooked by BOTH his brothers. It made your blood boil. Sure, he could talk a little louder, but Arthur and Alfred just flat out ignored him. They didn't even try to listen! You noticed Matthew struggling to grab his sibling's attention, but it was just another failed attempt. You reviewed your past thoughts, and decided you couldn't take it anymore.
"Oi! Ass hats!!!" you said, standing up and slamming your hands on the sticky cafeteria table.
"Huh?" said Alfred and Arthur, simultaneously.
"What is with that language, __________?! We're sitting in the middle of the cafeteria!!!" Arthur asked, a look of confusion blatant on his features.
You glared at the English man with cold, hard eyes. You noted that Alfred had shrunk back in his seat, staring at you with a mixed look of concern and fear.
"Calm down dude! We didn't do anything!" exclaimed Alfred.
Your eye twitched at his comment. "YOU'RE RIGHT! You didn't fucking do anything! Because your brother has been trying to communicate with the BOTH of you, for the past 30 minutes!!!" you roared, pointing in the direction of Matthew.
"HOW CAN YOU DO THAT TO YOUR OWN BROTHER?" you were extremely pissed, and had you not known the two from a young age, you would have socked both of them in the mouth.
"E-erm….__________? Matthew left…….." Alfred nodded, agreeing with Arthur's statement.
You turned around, the corner of your mouth jumping with the remaining anger dwelling in your body.
"Shit……"you muttered, running to the location you knew Matthew would be.
You couldn't help but feel guilty for going off at the brothers like that, but the simple thought of what they always did had you fuming. You had never gone all out on someone like that, not even that egotistic jerk, Gilbert Beilschmidt. You slowed your pace down to a power walk when your destination was in sight.
"Why would I get so mad about them ignoring him like that……" you wondered.
"It's an undeniable fact that I like the guy……..but, is it possible that I love him?" you gulped at the thought.
"I'm in deep. There's no way we could be together, and Matt doesn't swing that way….." you had finally arrived at your destination.
As expected, Matthew was sitting under the bleachers of you high school's football field.  Letting out a long sigh you strolled over to his location, and plopped down next to him. He didn't even look up at you.
"So………I…..I'm sorry, Matt. If I embarrassed you or something?" your statement sounded more like an inquiry, because you weren't a hundred percent sure WHAT you had done wrong.
You had been defending him hadn't you? So then, why was he acting so distant towards you? You pinched the bridge of your nose and looked up. Matthew was hovering above you.
"M-Matthew?" you flushed a little. He was so….close. You had to admit you liked it.
"__________, t-thank you…." His voice was barely audible, as he broke the small amount of distance left between the two of you, placing a gentle kiss on your lips.
He then backed away, trying to cover his face with his hands. He was so red, he almost looked like a tomato about to burst!
"__________, I- I think I love you…….and the way you stood up for me like that, I-"
It was all too much for you. You tackled him over, pinning him down. The man you loved; loved you back. It just didn't seem like it could be possible.
"__________? What are you doing!?!?" Matthew yelped, he thought you were going to beat him up, and call him names.
"I love you too~" a dark smirk was plastered on your face, as you smashed your lips onto his.
He finally understood what was happening, and played along, allowing your tongue to explore his mouth. You were about to undo his jeans, but he stopped you.
"Red light, red light!!! Stop!!" he shrieked, panting.
You sat up and pulled yourself back together, face palming at what you just did.
"S-sorry…" you huffed, with a pout on your face.
"It's okay," a sweet smile graced his features. You loved it when he did that.
"Yeah, __________?"
"You're my boyfriend now," you gave him a sadistic grin.
"……..I don't have a choice, do I?"
"Nope~" you chuckled. This was going to be the start of a splendid relationship, you thought to yourself.
Now…….how to explain this to Arthur and Alfred………
My second reader insert, this time with Canada! :iconyaycanadaplz:
This may not be some people's thing, (Male!Reader) but I personally wish I were a dude. T.T Lucky men.
Life's a troll, ain't it? :icontrollface-plz:

Canada(Matthew), America(Alfred), and England(Arthur) belong to Hidekaz Himaruya
Writing belongs to me, and I found the picture of Canada on zerochan~

Edit: Thank you to everyone who faved or added this to a collection! :D
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Just a day in the life of Star and Moon.
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