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Netherlands x Reader: Heart Strings :iconloveforthingsshiny:LoveforThingsShiny 25 3
Punk!England x Punk!Reader Wingman
England x Reader
              You gazed lazily around the room you were in with heavy-lidded (e/c) eyes. A surprisingly bland boudoir for a punk. You would know. You leaped furtively from your bed to scavenge for your clothing.
“There it is,” you said, as you slinked across the room and shimmied into your plaid (f/c) jeans.
You glanced at Arthur, who seemed much too angelic in his state of unconsciousness.
“He’s not half bad…..” you mumbled, picking-up your black tube top and sliding it on. He had piercing emerald eyes, and a sexy mess of blond locks.
“It wouldn’t kill him to pluck his brows, though.”
              “What a pity,” you concluded aloud while sliding open his bedroom window. You were about to begin your descent from the fourth floor of the oversized manor, but you wanted to get one last look at him.
In the loudest voic
:iconloveforthingsshiny:LoveforThingsShiny 217 50
PC: Day 4 by LoveforThingsShiny PC: Day 4 :iconloveforthingsshiny:LoveforThingsShiny 2 3 PC: Day 3 by LoveforThingsShiny PC: Day 3 :iconloveforthingsshiny:LoveforThingsShiny 0 3 PC: Day 2 by LoveforThingsShiny PC: Day 2 :iconloveforthingsshiny:LoveforThingsShiny 0 5
Romano x Reader You and I
Romano x Reader
               "Happy birthday, __________!" hollered Gilbert, Matthias, and Alfred; as you walked back into your "home."
It was your birthday, but you hadn't expected your new boyfriend and his two closest friends to throw a surprise party.
You chuckled as a smile graced your features. "Thanks, you guys. I didn't think you would do this for me!"
Gilbert plopped onto a nearby parlor seat and pulled you onto his lap.
"What else would you expect liebe; I'm not that dorky old boyfriend of yours!!!" your eye twitched at the comment.
You had recently broken up with Lovino. He was, as Prussia called him, rather dorky; and he could be a jerk but you had really liked him........but he......
"YEAH!" you exclaimed.
"That's the spirit, __________!" you glanced at Matthias, your (e/c) eyes were ablaze with zeal.
He s
:iconloveforthingsshiny:LoveforThingsShiny 140 25
Shhh! by LoveforThingsShiny Shhh! :iconloveforthingsshiny:LoveforThingsShiny 5 3 Deviant ID by LoveforThingsShiny Deviant ID :iconloveforthingsshiny:LoveforThingsShiny 0 0 Smile! by LoveforThingsShiny Smile! :iconloveforthingsshiny:LoveforThingsShiny 3 19 PC: Day 1 by LoveforThingsShiny PC: Day 1 :iconloveforthingsshiny:LoveforThingsShiny 0 3
Mature content
Mafia!Italy x Prisoner!Reader Gelosia :iconloveforthingsshiny:LoveforThingsShiny 115 97
Mature content
Her Childhood :iconloveforthingsshiny:LoveforThingsShiny 2 3
Self Portrait by LoveforThingsShiny Self Portrait :iconloveforthingsshiny:LoveforThingsShiny 11 16
Germany x Reader Study Buddy
Germany x Reader
               "Damn no scoper!" you yelled at the television screen, tossing your hands in the air. Your team had just lost a Slayer Mode match in Halo Reach, and you were furious.
Your (h/l) (h/c) hair was tied into a messy knot on the top of your head. In front of you was a slice of left over pizza that you had stopped eating; you had lost interest in it when the match had started.
"Why do I always get teamed with the fags," you mumbled, picking up your phone and checking your text messages.
"Ludwig…." you thought to yourself, while opening the new message.
From: Ludwig @ 5:20 p.m.
To:  __________
Hallo, _________. I'm sorry to ask this, but could you please stop by my house to help me study for our (favorite school subject) test? I would appreciate it very much.

You snickered at how form
:iconloveforthingsshiny:LoveforThingsShiny 370 208
Deviant ID by LoveforThingsShiny Deviant ID :iconloveforthingsshiny:LoveforThingsShiny 1 9
Norway x Reader Trolling~
Norway x Reader
               A large smirk appeared on your face. You had a playful glint in your (e/c) eyes. Everything was about to fall into place.
"I can't wait to see his reaction," you snickered to yourself.
"It'll be priceless!"
You wiggled your fingers above the keyboard, and clicked send.
"Now, I wait…heh-heh….." you put your fingers together, as an evil mastermind would.
"BWAHAHAHAHA-" your evil laughter was interrupted by your friend, who was at the moment, one of your victims. He probably wouldn't care that much, since he enjoyed pranking and trolling others with you.
"__________? I heard THAT laugh….what are you up to this time?" Mathias asked, while entering the room.
You turned dramatically in your swivel chair to face him. Your lips curled up in delight.
"Why don't you take a look?" you purred.
He walked over to your computer, and you pressed play. The YouTube video loaded up and
:iconloveforthingsshiny:LoveforThingsShiny 975 725



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:iconepicwinningplz: I'd say he is.

Organization XIII - Which member Are You?
Organization XIII - Which member Are You?
Hosted By Anime
What Type Of Music Are You?
What Type Of Music Are You?
Hosted By AnimeHetalia! What Country Are You?
Hetalia! What Country Are You?
Hosted By Anime

Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?

This changed to Slytherin towards the end of freshman year......coincidence? I think not.

Webcam from :iconkankuro252:
Sarcastic Stamp by PixieDust01 from :iconpixiedust01:

Current Residence: Florida
Favourite style of art: Literature
Personal Quote: "he wrote a poem..."-Stephen Chbosky…
  • Drinking: SWEDISH.
YES, HELLO! I MISSED YOU ALL. OTL I've been on a super long DA hiatus, freshman year has just been a load of BS for me! I will slowly and spontaneously slip into posting regular xReaders as Summer comes closer.....and closer..........AND GOD DAMMIT, BE SUMMER ALREADY.
.............I'm sorry.....these last few weeks of the semester have always been difficult for me.......
but when Summer comes- SERIOUSLY, I'LL BE ALL:

I'll also be replying to as many comments as possible, as well as thanking new subscribers! Y'all are great!
:iconsobeautifulplz: A bientôt~!


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1CrazyVegetarian Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2013
Hey, there-

I'm so sorry this is sooooo late (I've been gone from dA for quite a while) but thank you for the fav on my poem, "Stomach Acid!" ;w;

It means a lot to me! :hug:

1mitsymoo Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2013  Student General Artist
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